Thursday, July 06, 2006

Big Trouble In Little Swadhyay

There is currently a lot of media histeria taking place about the shady goings on in Swadhyay. Although the gas has been leaking for some time the spark that lit the flame was the brutal murder of a NRI (Non Resident Indian - duh) Pankaj Trivedi. This article aims to clear up some of the main details surrounding his case - in particular for those well meaning Swadhyayees who never expected things to get so far and are now (finally) looking for the TRUTH.

Exactly what happened? On the evening of June 15, Pankaj Trivedi (43), an NRI settled in Dayton, Ohio, stepped out of the Ellisbride Gymkhana in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, after taking a swim. He was attacked from behind by 4 men with hard bat like weapons swinging violently at his head and body. Trivedi died on the spot but the most shocking aspect of the assault must be the viciousness displayed by the men who whacked Trivedi's face with enough gusto to leave him simply unrecognisable.